Mythical creators BUIDLing FileMarket in the Dataverse to help humans store, encrypt and trade any type of data
With a little help of
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Your assistant and helper in the world of decentralized programmable data


Gives energy and a boost of strength to all inhabitants of Dataverse

Mr. Hero Geek

Turns data into a work of art

DAO Web3jedis

Uses the power of decentralization for the good of Dataverse

FileMarket Jedi

Protects your data using the Force of Web3Jedi


Knows everything about data storage


Knows and creates all the secrets and magic of Dataverse

Lucky Jammy

Brings luck


To get in touch with bunnies from other clans


Data Porters
They help to carry containers with encrypted content


FileWallet Key Keepers They help to transfer keys


Hunter Bunny

They hunt after Lucky Jammy


Container for foldy

EFT Protocol - Shield/Protector

Written code is strong as magic armor


Has content inside


Helps to remember the seed


Fraud detectors
They help to detect fraud when trade deal is done

Not a Jammy

When the hunt for data was not successful


More details

Unleash the Power of FileBunnies

Experience the ultimate NFT collection created by DAO Web3Jedis and MrHeroGeek, in collaboration with, the first NFT marketplace in the Filecoin ecosystem using the groundbreaking EFT technology.

Discover FileBunnies, a pioneering collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, featuring varying rarities and dedicated to all true Filecoin ecosystem builders.

Join the FileBunnies revolution and unlock exclusive benefits within the Filecoin and FVM ecosystem.

Introducing the FileBunnies Collection:

A captivating and innovative NFT series that celebrates the Filecoin ecosystem and its builders. This unique collection features beautifully designed digital bunnies, each holding a wealth of hidden treasures and exclusive benefits.

Join the adventure and immerse yourself in the world of FileBunnies, where art, technology, and community come together to create an unparalleled NFT experience.

FileBunnies Sale Launch and Prizes

Mark your calendars! The sale of the FileBunnies collection starts on June the 28th.

Join the whitelist hunt campaign, launching on May the 4th (be with you), to secure a spot on the whitelist and grab your chance to have a free mint of FileBunnies NFTs.

Gain your access to the future AirDrop from

Enjoy exclusive gifts, bonuses, and promotions from ecosystem projects as a FileBunnies holder.

Participate in the prize draw featuring 50 users who spent the most FIL and 100 lucky ones who find the FileBunnie Jammy card.

The FileBunnies Timeline: Key Events and Dates

The FileBunnies campaign features a series of key events, such as the whitelist hunt, the sale of the collection, and special prize draws.

The whitelist for the FileBunnies collection will open On May the 4th (be with you). To be eligible for the free mint please see this guide.

On June the 28th the actual minting process will begin, both Whitelist (free mint) and Public Mint.

To participate in the mint, users must have FIL tokens in their Ethereum-compatible wallets. The instructions on how to do this are described in this manual.

Honoring the Filecoin Ecosystem and Its Pioneers

Filecoin ecosystem thrives with innovative projects and groundbreaking technologies.

FileBunnies collection celebrates the dedicated builders behind the Web3 revolution.

The Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) enables smart contracts, unlocking a world of programmable decentralized data.

Celebrating the Filecoin Ecosystem and Its Innovators

The Filecoin ecosystem is a thriving hub of innovation, where numerous projects push the boundaries of what's possible in the new world of data economy. The arrival of smart contracts through the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) has further accelerated this growth, leading to an explosion of creativity and technological advancement. These tireless innovators and visionaries work hand-in-hand to create groundbreaking technologies, platforms, and decentralized applications that reshape our digital world. Their dedication, passion, and ingenuity are at the heart of the Filecoin ecosystem.

The FileBunnies collection is a celebration of these Filecoin ecosystem builders, who are the driving force behind the ongoing Web3 revolution. By bringing their work into the spotlight, the collection aims to garner appreciation and support from the entire crypto community.

With the introduction of the FVM, the Filecoin blockchain now supports smart contracts, opening up a new world of programmable decentralized data. This breakthrough technology allows developers to build complex applications, create new digital assets, and develop innovative solutions that harness the power of decentralized storage. The FVM has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital data, creating a truly decentralized Web3 internet.

The Future of a Decentralized Web3 Internet

The emergence of programmable decentralized storage through Filecoin and the FVM is a significant step toward a fully decentralized Web3 internet, offering increased user control, privacy, and innovation.

A decentralized Web3 internet promises a more equitable and resilient digital world, with secure and private communication and greater individual empowerment.

The FileBunnies collection celebrates the achievements of Filecoin ecosystem builders and the vital role of decentralized technologies in shaping the future of the internet.

Embracing the Decentralized Web3 Internet

The advent of programmable decentralized storage, as exemplified by Filecoin and the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), marks a major step toward realizing the dream of a fully decentralized Web3 internet. This transformation will reshape how we access and share information, empowering individuals and fostering innovation.

As we stand on the brink of a true decentralized Web3 internet, we envision a digital landscape that empowers users with greater control over their data, enables secure and private communication, and paves the way for a more equitable and resilient digital world. Through the groundbreaking work of Filecoin ecosystem builders and the continuous development of innovative solutions like the FVM, we move closer to making this vision a reality. The FileBunnies collection not only celebrates these achievements but also highlights the importance of decentralized technologies in shaping the future of the internet.

DAO Web3Jedis: The Philosophy and Lore

DAO Web3Jedis are true builders dedicated to creating decentralized technology for the benefit of all humanity, harnessing the power of blockchain technology to create quality and useful projects.

In contrast to Web3 Siths, who seek quick profits at the expense of users, DAO Web3 Jedis focus on long-term value and the greater good.

DAO Web3Jedis: Use the force to build a bright future!

The advent of programmable decentralized storage, as exemplified by Filecoin and the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), marks a major step toward realizing the dream of a fully decentralized Web3 internet. This transformation will reshape how we access and share information, empowering individuals and fostering innovation.

Interestingly, there are diverse factions in this landscape. The Siths, much like in Star Wars, misuse The Force, prioritizing profit and power above all. Then, there are the 'muggles,' who remain oblivious to The Force's presence, choosing to stick with their simpler ways. But there's hope in the Web3Jedis. These noble individuals harness The Force responsibly, striving for balance and aiding those in need. We also have the equivalents of Witchers or Mandalorians, independent mercenaries who offer their services to those willing to pay the most.

Caught in an ongoing struggle, Siths and Web3Jedis vie for the attention of muggles, similar to influencers, corporations, and governments. The Web3Jedis, however, have a community where they collectively use The Force for good, transforming its dark side into light. They are dedicated to creating and supporting as many Web3 projects as possible, hoping to make a substantial positive impact on the digital world.

In a Jedi's heart, only kindness resides, free of greed, fear, and resentment. They don't affiliate with those who contradict their values, maintaining respect and attention for all. A Web3Jedis cherishes public goods and the commonwealth, understanding that great power comes with a kind heart and gratitude for their unique role.

Freedom is the goal, and each Jedi strives to understand its worth and share it. They shun stereotypes and judgments, striving for honesty and sincerity, especially with themselves. They're all about caring for all life and nature, contributing to open-source Web3.0 products and communities. A Jedi never lets arrogance or selfishness get in the way of having fun and adding value to the community, as they believe love is the answer to humanity's deepest problems.

If you want to learn the detailed history of the emergence of DAO Web3Jedis, please read this article.

The FileMarket Revolution is a next-generation NFT marketplace, storefront builder, and protocol for tokenizing, storing, and exchanging files within the Filecoin ecosystem.

Utilizing the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), FileMarket introduces the powerful Encrypted File Token (EFT) standard, a modification of the ERC721 standard, which allows users to securely link encrypted files to NFTs, stored in decentralized way on the Filecoin network.

FileMarket: Pioneering a New Era of Secure and Decentralized NFTs

FileMarket is revolutionizing the NFT space by introducing the groundbreaking Encrypted File Token (EFT) standard. This innovation transforms how files are stored and exchanged, providing a secure and decentralized solution that harnesses the power of the Filecoin and FVM ecosystems.

By leveraging the Filecoin and FVM ecosystems, FileMarket has unlocked a new era of programmable decentralized data. With smart contracts now possible on the Filecoin blockchain, a whole new market has emerged, enabling the true potential of a decentralized Web3 internet. is also a game-changing marketplace, storefront builder, and protocol for tokenizing, storing, and exchanging files. It offers a secure, decentralized storage solution that supports the EFT standard, paving the way for a new era of NFTs with encrypted digital content.

As the first NFT marketplace in the Filecoin ecosystem that uses Encrypted File Tokens (EFT) technology, FileMarket represents a major innovation in the NFT space. It offers a secure and decentralized platform for the creation, storage, and exchange of digital assets, enabling users to tokenize and trade files in a way that was not possible before. This breakthrough paves the way for new applications and use-cases in the world of NFTs and beyond.

Encrypted FileToken (EFT): Revolutionizing the NFT Space

NFTs with encrypted digital content inside offer far greater utility and interest than their predecessors. The EFT standard allows files to be traded securely without unauthorized access, enhancing the value of NFTs and providing a more engaging experience for collectors.

EFTs (Encrypted FileToken) are a groundbreaking modification of the ERC721 standard that utilize Filecoin Virtual Machine capabilities. These tokens enable decentralized and secure storage of encrypted files linked to NFTs, ensuring that files are transmitted safely and can only be accessed by authorized NFT holders. This innovation breathes new life into the NFT space, making them more useful and versatile than ever before.

The Artistry of FileBunnies: A Collaboration with MrHeroGeek Studio

The FileBunnies collection showcases the breathtaking artistry of MrHeroGeek Studio's talented artists.

The visually stunning NFTs are a reflection of the exceptional talent and dedication of the artists at MrHeroGeek Studio.

The captivating FileBunnies artwork is a testament to the skill and creativity of the talented artists at MrHeroGeek studio. Their masterful designs not only capture the essence of the Filecoin ecosystem but also demonstrate the potential of digital art in the NFT space.

The FileBunnies collection showcases the breathtaking artistry of MrHeroGeek studio's talented artists. Their meticulous attention to detail and imaginative designs bring the FileBunnies to life, making them not only valuable digital assets but also enthralling works of art that pay tribute to the Filecoin ecosystem.

Through their collaboration with MrHeroGeek Studio, the FileBunnies collection features charming artwork and designs that truly embody the spirit of the Filecoin ecosystem and its builders. The visually stunning NFTs are a reflection of the exceptional talent and dedication of the artists at MrHeroGeek Studio, resulting in a remarkable and memorable collection.

The Exciting World of FileBunnies

FileBunnies are mythical creatures inhabiting the world of files, promoting the belief that NFTs should have intrinsic value, and championing the ideas of true builders and Jedis.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with FileBunnies and uncover hidden files that include gifts, promos, artwork, and surprises from FVM ecosystem projects.

Embrace the EFT standard, unlocking exclusive benefits and playing a vital role in shaping the future of digital assets.

The Exclusive World of FileBunnies Collectors and Their Unique Rewards

As the owner of FileBunny, you:

  • Qualify for the FileMarket Airdrop.
  • Gain key access to explore the FileCoin ecosystem.
  • Receive bonuses from other FVM startups.
  • Obtain tokens from other Filecoin startups.
  • Have the chance to find 1 of 100 'Jammy' Cards for sharing a prize pool.
  • Discover tradable NFTs from renowned collections with high floor prices.
  • Share in a reward pool if you rank in the top 50 FileBunny buyers.

FileBunnies Rarities: A Breakdown

The Exclusive World of FileBunnies Collectors and Their Unique Rewards

FileBunnies come in varying rarities, offering collectors a diverse range of options. The rarities include Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical, with each category having its own unique characteristics and limited supply.

Embark on the FileBunnies Adventure: Secure Your Spot on the Whitelist

The FileBunnies collection presents a thrilling chance for users to embark on the whitelist adventure, granting them a free mint. By participating in this exhilarating journey, users will be required to tackle a series of quests and challenges unveiled during the campaign. Successfully completing these tasks earns them a highly sought-after position on the whitelist, ensuring their opportunity to be among the first proud owners of a FileBunny NFT.

As the FileBunnies project unfolds, the whitelist adventure and sale launch are pivotal events in its timeline.

Get Ready for the FileBunnies Adventure!

  1. Follow our step-by-step guide to mint FileBunnies NFTs, with important dates, whitelist information, and the minting process.
  2. Make sure you have FIL tokens in your Ethereum-compatible wallet to participate in the mint.
  3. Join our community on TWITTER, DISCORD, TELEGRAM and stay updated on the latest news, events, and announcements.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey with FileBunnies, and let's shape the future of digital assets together!

FileBunnies collection represents a groundbreaking moment in the world of NFTs and decentralized storage.

With its innovative EFT technology, stunning artwork, and dedication to the Filecoin ecosystem, FileBunnies is set to become a sought-after collection for crypto enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey into the future of digital assets and the decentralized Web3 internet.

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